Monday, 3 June 2002


Over on UK Transport, Patrick Crozier has mentioned this story about Ryanair's possible use of Prestwick Airport as a maintenance base. Perhaps I should declare a special interest here as I am a former resident of Prestwick and grew up watching aircraft there. Indeed, a few years ago I made a point of flying from London to Dublin for the sole purpose of travelling on the very first Ryanair service to Prestwick. After a few hours, I then flew back to Dublin Airport where I consumed several pints of Guinness and then returned to London. An excellent day out.

I would naturally be very pleased to see Ryanair open a base at Prestwick in the footsteps of Polar Air Cargo which has already opened a base there.

However, as the Sunday Times says, Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary is a tough negotiator. His company has been reported as looking at some rather strange new destinations in Scotland. Some think this may a negotiating ploy aimed at getting reduced landing fees at more conventional airports. No doubt he is doing the same with his search for a new maintenance base. Let's hope it's Prestwick.