Friday 30 September 2011

Vienna 2011

Last week I went to the Mises Institute conference in Vienna.

The world's greatest economist was born 130 years ago and it was appropriate for us to mark that anniversary by meeting in the home of the Austrian School of Economics. Remember when back in 2008 the Queen asked why no-one saw the economic crisis coming? Well, the Austrians did. And we know why the crisis continues, and we see no sign of the political class understanding what actions are required.

Here is Hans-Hermann Hoppe giving the closing address in the stunning Akademie Der Wissenschaften, in which some of the founders of the Austrian School taught.

Vienna by David Farrer
Vienna, a photo by David Farrer on Flickr.

And here are links to other photos that I took in Vienna and in Bratislava.

Saturday 3 September 2011