Saturday, 14 March 2009

Will Russia invade Scotland?

Jeff Nyquist's latest piece is interesting:
The Russian intelligence services have long tracked economic, financial and demographic changes in the United States. Russian analysts know that certain trends lead to political crisis. Such trends include ethnic balkanization, an ideological split in the ruling class, rising indebtedness, economic collapse, and declining moral standards. A country like the United States is ripe for civil war. If this should happen, foreign powers would intervene and the country would be split along geographical lines: California and the West would fall under Chinese control, Texas and the south would go to Mexico, and Russia would lay claim to Alaska. “It would be reasonable for Russia to lay claim to Alaska,” says Panarin. “It was part of the Russian empire for a long time.”
Those symptoms seem remarkably familiar to us in Britain, do they not?

Ethnic balkanisation is going to be a huge problem in the UK. And I'm thinking of Bradford, not Bannockburn. The economic and moral problems are just as significant here as in the US. I am certainly not the only blogger who fears civil war in this country. It's not at all clear who would win a battle fought between the state and the people. Or rather between the tax-consumers and the taxpayers. Scotland would not be able to sit that one out.

Although I do have some sympathy with the cause of Scottish independence I find the SNP's old-time anti-NATO stance to be worrying. The Freedom and Whisky master plan remains valid. These islands need to be defended collectively against foreign aggressors. It's very naive to think that for us all wars are in the past. If the Russians take Alaska, why not Aberdeen? And we don't even have Sarah Palin...

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