Monday, 23 May 2005

Bloggers worth more than judges!

But you already knew that. Now, it's official. No, I don't mean according to the free market guys; nor am I referring to the Professor, the web guru, and not even to the unmaskers of the mainstream media. No, this stunning insight is from none other than the GMB Trade Union, which has published a national pay league.

In second place we have:

Financial managers and chartered secretaries, earning an average of £72,124 PA
These guys are well ahead of those in ninth place, which is held by:
Solicitors and lawyers, judges and coroners, whose mean annual pay is £49,970.
The point of this, dear readers, is that yours truly is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

Unfortunately, there's just one slight catch. The job of editor-in-chief of F & W doesn't pay £72K. In fact, it doesn't even match the salary of the leisure and theme park attendants at the bottom of the league table.

Should I complain to the Chairman or join the union?

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David Farrer
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Could you cover the controversies surrounding the G8 Conference on your blog?

Id be interested to
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Are we really to believe the figure for the shysters?
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