Friday, 13 May 2005

Enemies of the people

There's coverage of the ludicrous EU vote on the Working Time Directive over on EU Referendum, which has this to say about a Labour MEP:
Obviously he has missed the fact that a large proportion of the working force in other member states of the EU is spending more time with its family than it would like because there are no jobs to go to.
Better still:
In any case who is this MEP, whose idea of work is to sign in and disappear, to tell us what the proper balance is between anything?

Surprisingly perhaps, some of Scotland's politicians actually realise that ending the opt-out will be particularly harmful in this part of Europe:

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said he had met several groups in Scotland concerned at the damage being caused to north and north-east businesses with the end of a separate opt-out for lorry drivers last month.

He said: "Scots MEPs are sent to Brussels to stop such meddling from Brussels, not encourage it."

Gordon MP Malcolm Bruce, Lib Dem trade and industry spokesman, called on the Government to "stick to its guns" and fight for the opt-out.

He warned its implementation in the UK "could lead to a cut in people's wages".

Mr Bruce said: "Old Labour is now challenging Tony Blair head on, and it has been left to Liberal Democrat MEPs to stand up for the right of workers to negotiate their own hours."

It's an unusual and pleasant surprise to learn that a "Liberal" politician favours freedom of contract. Who knows, if Mr Bruce continues to think along these lines he might end up opposing his own party's high-tax policies, and then he really would be a liberal.

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

Some of us wonder what an EU headed by the "Thatcher Commission" rather than the "Barroso Commission" would acheive.

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