Tuesday, 31 May 2005


Has anyone else noticed that there is a distinct correlation between the price of gold and the number of readers of this blog?

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
Swiss Francs. 
I must check some time how mine correlates to the price of tin.

3 June 2005, 00:55:23 GMT+01:00
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OT, but I dabble in Elec Engineering and wish some less useful metal was used as a universal currency. 
There must some rare but completely useless substance we can all buy instead!

1 June 2005, 11:22:16 GMT+01:00
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LOL - one of my colleagues (in a Group subsidiary) used to be known as 'Mr Gold' in the City for his uncanny ability to predict gold prices months/years ahead; I'm sure there are lots of uncanny mirrors in trends like this, though.

31 May 2005, 22:50:18 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
They are both for the last 12 months. 
I don't work for the government but I do pay for it!

31 May 2005, 20:49:10 GMT+01:00
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As we can't read the time line on the reader's hits page we have no idea if there is any correlation between the two trends. So this, if one was to be uncharitable, smells a bit. 
Hmmmm..........You don't work for the Governments Statistical Dept., do you?

31 May 2005, 20:42:47 GMT+01:00