Wednesday 25 September 2002

HRH hits out

It's not only hunting bans that are upsetting Prince Charles. He has been complaining to the Lord Chancellor about "the culture of political correctness in England's legal system". Good for Charles. The bureaucratic response was:
The Lord Chancellor’s department would neither confirm nor deny the suggestion last night. “We never comment on the Lord Chancellor’s private correspondence,” a spokeswoman said.
However, the prince's office:
has previously defended Prince Charles’s letter-writing, saying that “it is the job of the Prince of Wales to represent people’s views and in particular views that would otherwise go unheard”.
Fair enough, but why are people's views going unheard? In the case of the Scottish Tories it would seem that they spend their time worrying about being called "racist" instead of standing up for people of all colours against an overweening state.