Thursday 14 December 2006

Airport life

I'm sure that everyone's heard about this by now:
A job well done is worth celebrating, but Turkish Airlines say staff went too far when they sacrificed a camel.

To mark the last delivery of 100 aircraft, maintenance workers clubbed together to buy the beast - and then consume it.

Someone suggested that this sort of behaviour wouldn't help Turkey's plans to join the EU. I'm not so sure: what do you think the French do to any frogs or snails found in the vicinity of L'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle?

Here in Scotland we're more civilised. At Glasgow Airport, the eventual late departure of a NedAir charter to Benidorm was duly celebrated by tired staff. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over whether to bow towards Ibrox or Parkhead before enjoying the gourmet meal of deep-fried Mars Bars washed down with Buckfast Tonic Wine. A good time was had by all.

At Edinburgh meanwhile, the morning's eighth departure of yet another plane full of pinstriped bankers to the London City Airport was marked by the Barbour-jacketed aircraft loaders enjoying some tea and scones that had been thoughtfully provided by the airport branch of Jenners.

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David Farrer said...

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James higham
Right, David, we have the camel sorted. What's next?

20 December 2006, 19:53:22 GMT
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james higham
Absolute stroke of luck to have caught this. I was about to publish Blogfocus and was going to put you in the mystery bloggers but this post goes straight into the main text now.

16 December 2006, 20:01:37 GMT
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Excuse me, David... 
There is a strict etiquette to such gourmet meals as you describe being consumed at Glasgow Airport, you know. 
Cigarettes must be held in mouth at a down angle of precisely 45 degrees. A fight shall break out over whether or not Charlene, wee Isa's niece is workshy, after which Arlene shall confirm her pregnancy by her boyfriend of a month.  
Thereafter 'Chicken' will be played with the traffic on the St. James' Interchange, after which all shall retire to 'Banjo's bit' in Seedhill to 'score' some 'good gear' acquired from 'Mental Tam', a well-known supplier of white goods from the Ferguslie Park district of Paisley.

14 December 2006, 19:56:34 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
There's a branch of Jenners at Glasgow airport too. 
You'll have had your tea!

14 December 2006, 12:33:13 GMT