Monday, 8 January 2007

Terry's back!

And here is the link to Councillor Kelly's latest.

I usually follow the convention of quoting only limited parts from linked documents but am taking the liberty of re-posting all of Terry's post along with my own observations:

The above named site

he means Scottish Blogging Roundup.

is a self appointed

All blogs are "self appointed", including Terry's own one.

critic of peoples blogs, so what, well, it gives me a chance to let you know what some of these right wing/nationalists/libertarians are like and just how inane and pathetic they can be. Along with some other sites they have made a big ( bogus ) issue of me not posting comments, despite my statement that I would print anything which was not abusive, I also pointed out that I'm not aware of any way to disprove what they say,

Understandable - there is no way to disprove the assertion that socialism is a disastrous mistake.

Or perhaps can't disprove so they don't have to prove their allegations.


Anyway if you read this site which is really quite hard going,

In what way?

you will find this accusation levelled against me, then a wee bit further down you read that they have decided that they are censuring me and I'm to be excluded.

A private blogger has every right to exclude or include whomever he wishes. Censorship is a concept that only applies to state action. I look forward to your commenting on this blog.

Well what are we to make of this ? the brave new world of the libertarian blog didn't take long to buckle did it ? Mr Ferrer of Whiskey & Freedom has done the same, as have others, hardly a robust reaction from these brave ground breakers is it ?

Once more Terry spells my name incorrectly, spells our national drink incorrectly and gets the name of my blog wrong. I removed Terry from my blogroll for the reasons given at the time.

give me my old muddle headed mate 'reactionary snob' anytime, he talks absolute rubbish but at least he does it while standing on his feet.

You've got me there! I'm sitting down at the moment.

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David Farrer said...

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Jack's World
Terry is a towering intellectual alongside Gordon Brown. Thank God Jack has them to help.

21 January 2007, 18:43:32 GMT
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Brian Bamford
Kelly is simply employing the Irish spelling of the word for amber nectar. He would be the first to hail the bloody nationalism of his family's Irish homeland whilst denying support to the Scottish host people's peaceful aspirations to independence.

20 January 2007, 05:06:08 GMT
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Joe Middleton
He thinks he can be in New Labour AND be a socialist, he's obviously off his trolley.

16 January 2007, 14:21:26 GMT
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I've tried to argue with him to no avail. 
Leave and move on, in my opinion. 

10 January 2007, 17:46:12 GMT
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Neil Craig
He seems to be getting more coverage than those on your roll. Just don't bother.

10 January 2007, 15:39:22 GMT
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Will P
In the Councillor's defence, he's not mis-spelling your name or the word 'Whisky' out of idiocy. He's doing it out of childishness. 
I mean, don't get me wrong, idiocy abounds in the Councillor's particular corner of the blogosphere, but it's not the main cause for him citing some bloke called David Ferrer who seems to have a blog (on Irish politics, perhaps?) called 'Freedom and Whiskey' rather than your own good work!

9 January 2007, 23:22:06 GMT
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Yes Councillor K really should make an effort to get your name right; I mean it really isn't that hard.  
He would also be well advised to use the spellchecker that is provided with Microsoft Word, blogs are publications of a kind and therefore the authors should be diligent with spelling, there is no excuse for repeatedly misspelling the word 'Whisky'.

9 January 2007, 21:21:08 GMT