Saturday 19 May 2007

Westminster Numpties

Well, they've gone and done it:
GOVERNMENT ministers yesterday helped vote through a bill that will mean MPs are no longer subject to freedom of information laws which force them to publish information about their own expenses.
I don't imagine for a moment that Gordon Brown will go for the blogging vote by appointing 1,000 libertarian life peers to overthrow the dastardly Commons decision.

But look at this in the Herald:

The bill, which will exempt MPs from being forced to reveal information about themselves under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, will not apply to Scotland's Parliament, thus creating a division in the openness of the two jurisdictions.

MSPs, who have been forced to reveal taxi receipts and expenses bills since the legislation was introduced in Scotland in January 2005, will still be subject to scrutiny under the act.

The solution is obvious and should be demanded by the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party:

Abolish devolution and recreate a UK-wide unitary parliament.

In Edinburgh...

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