Friday 5 October 2007

Talk of the Town

Earlier today I went through from Auld Reekie to the Big Smoke. Fortunately I managed to avoid John Smeaton!

People were talking about the very pleasant weather and yours truly found himself wearing far too many clothes in an attempt to prevent last week's cold from reappearing. Such is life on the Costa Clyde.

The other topic of conversation among the Weegies was - wait for it - football.

Aberdeen's progress in the Uefa Cup was noted. The stunning victory of Rangers away at Lyon was much discussed. But the main topic was the idiot who ran onto the park at the end of Celtic's home win against AC Milan. I see that the idiot in question has handed himself in. I reckon that he'd be well advised to stay inside the police station for at least 50 years.

I've heard leftists point out that England has only ever won the World Cup under a Labour government. True, I suppose. So why hasn't Gordon Brown claimed credit for Scotland's recent sporting triumphs? Well, you see, sport is generally devolved. I can just imagine the First Minister telling the Frit Minister that "It's the SNP what won it!"

Two things that can be said with certainty: As soon as "real libertarianism" has been established, Scotland will win the World Cup and Kilmarnock the Champions League...

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