Sunday 11 November 2007

11th November

11th November
Originally uploaded by David Farrer

11th November
Originally uploaded by David Farrer

I took these photos earlier today.

Others can be seen on Scottish Clouds or on Flickr.

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David Farrer
I'm sure you're right David.

To be fair, the chap in the black coat is George Foulkes, a Labour Lord and MSP. I imagine he was there as former Hearts chairman. I also noted Eric Milligan, another Labour man and former Lord Provost of Edinburgh - and another Hearts fan. No sign of any New Labour types. The memorial was built after WWI at the beginning of which the entire Hearts team signed up. At Sunday's game the Hearts team wore the names of the players who didn't make it back.
14 November 2007, 21:12:08 GMT – Like – Reply

David Davis
Good pictures, David.

I wonder how long unpaid musicians, such as these must be, will be able to play at such an event? The Powers That Be will surely come up with some reason why they have to have a "license" costing five gazzillion pounds or summat like.
14 November 2007, 20:42:50 GMT