Wednesday 27 February 2008

Just near here...

This is in the same street as my doctor:
A building in Edinburgh has been cordoned off after several suspected radioactive packages were found inside, the fire service said.

Emergency services placed a cordon around the Regent Language Training School in Chester Street after the discovery of the three small packages.

It is believed the packages may contain radioactive material.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
The Scotsman says they are from school (the sort of very minor radioactives teachers use to get a geiger counter to react & wake the kids up) & that they "may have been there for some time" (ie years)this seems to reflect more on the hysteria the word "nuclear" evokes than anything real.

28 February 2008, 16:04:12 GMT
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Angry Steve
Given they were marked as radioactive. 
Given they were in a school... 
Why, oh why was this declared a major incident? They'll be about as radioactive as a cup of tea - I suspect they're old physics sources, and 8 fire engines could have been off doing better things.

27 February 2008, 23:19:27 GMT