Tuesday, 21 October 2008

No Win situation...

I see that Oprah may be the next US ambassador in London. Not a good idea, I think. These days we need someone who is knowledgeable about economics.

Now, I fully understand that President Obama will want to appoint some fellow persons of colour to key positions. Who we need in Grosvenor Square is Thomas Sowell. Not only is Sowell one of America's greatest economists, he is considerably blacker than Obama. And he's a keen photographer.

It's a no-brainer. And Tom can moonlight by teaching economics to Mr Brown and Mr Darling.

Should Sowell be unavailable, Alvin Hall is the obvious second choice.

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David Farrer said...

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arack Obongo
More like a Herpes store. These stupid, ugly, Nigger sheboons have horrendous rates of STDs. 
Why is Farrer a Niggerphile? Here are some ambassadorial candidates for those delusionals who think Africans are capable of adapting to White civilisation. 
ps Even you dumb liberals might have noticed that, after a lifetime of promoting women-power and feminism, Oprah, when given a chance to support a woman candidate of her party (Hilary C) chose instead to vote for a male, viz., her fellow Nigger. Coons are far more raysiss than Whites (myself excepted).

26 October 2008, 23:47:18 GMT
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The danger with Oprah is that she'll always be flitting across the channel to a Hermes store.

26 October 2008, 12:56:26 GMT
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Neil Craig
Can't quite see her cementing good relations with Gordon Brown the way Pamela Churchill nee Harriman did when Clinton appointed her Ambassador to France.

22 October 2008, 14:13:55 GMT+01:00