Friday, 9 January 2009

Don't have a wooden Tsar?

Oh yes we do:
People in the Highlands can look forward to more opportunities to enjoy a healthier 2009 following Forestry Commission Scotland’s appointment of its first dedicated health champion.

Angus McWilliam has been appointed as the Highland Conservancy’s Highland Health Advisor, and started work in the Commission’s Dingwall office on January 6. He will work closely with local communities and organisations including NHS Highland, The Highland Council and Scottish Natural Heritage to promote the physical and mental health benefits of access to woods and forests

You what?

I must admit that I've always wondered what all of our wonderful Scottish scenery was actually for. Obviously not for people to take photographs. Oh no, that would never do. It seems that we are meant to walk in the countryside! I'd never have thought of that, would you? Thank God our taxes are being used to reveal this news to us.

All together now:

left, right;
left, right...

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
It is, as Plum reminded us, seldom difficult to discern the difference between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine, and Loftus duly confirms this pithy aphorism.

25 January 2009, 01:12:53 GMT
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michael loftus
Scotland's dumb and brutish electorate 
At least we did not vote for the evil thatcher or the idiot bliar. 
Colin Finlay, you are a clown.

17 January 2009, 18:55:13 GMT
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Colin Finlay
Scotland's dumb and brutish electorate are obviously required, yet again, to be the subject of further nullifying, cultural-Marxist condescension by the heinous passel of rogues, dolts, ethnic traitors and saboteurs currently staffing the Caledonian gulag.

17 January 2009, 07:26:36 GMT
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David Farrer
Around 32f/0c for the last couple of weeks. Some frost on cars first thing but clearing with the sun. Not as cold as down South I suspect. Getting windier but warmer today and continuing similar tomorrow.

10 January 2009, 17:05:43 GMT
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Is it cold up there currently?

10 January 2009, 15:44:22 GMT