Saturday 21 November 2009

We are Wardog

I am taking this opportunity to link to Bill Cameron's post on the Wardog affair. Non-Scottish readers will no doubt be asking: "What Wardog affair?"

Here's Bill:

... his final message indicates that he has been going through a rough time and has had various pressures exerted upon him which he says have left him with no alternative but to cease blogging. All his earlier articles have now been removed, as well as all his links, etc.
Wardog was a pro-SNP blogger who has fallen foul of Scotland's pro-Labour media establishment. Although Wardog's blog has now been deleted, I was able to retrieve this from my newsreader:
This week's flurry of excitement over a few posts has led to my decision to end this blog.

I've been contemplating it for a wee while now, as in common with others, I find maintaining a regular posting cycle conflicts with my life & work and today's shenanigans has effectively put the nail in this particular coffin.

It's been fun, I've enjoyed the debate, argument, humour and characters that inhabit the Scottish political blogosphere but when I'm getting called at home from the Scottish Political Editors of the News of the World, Scotsman and Herald and they are also calling my place of employment and lodging serious allegations against me (which I consider to be spurious & completely unfounded)...

....well I'm afraid I obviously have to call it a day.

Thankyou to everyone that contributed.

Life's too short for this kind of nonsense and I have a lot to be getting on with.

A' the best


Note what I've underlined.

We are getting closer and closer to the huge cuts that are going to be imposed by whoever's unlucky enough to win the next General Election. Stupidly, both Labour and the Conservatives want to win. The pro-Labour media predominates in Scotland to an unhealthy degree and I foresee a very nasty campaign with no holds barred.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
Yeah "Wardog" was brought down by a conspiracy involving the entire media and space aliens from the Reticulon galaxy..... 
Probably not. I see that two more pro SNP blogs have now gone.

3 December 2009, 21:21:09 GMT
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Yeah "Wardog" was brought down by a conspiracy involving the entire media and space aliens from the Reticulon galaxy.....

3 December 2009, 00:41:55 GMT
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Whenever the control freaks get involved they seem to damage themselves more than their opponents.  
I always thought that Wardog didn't help the cause he fought so obsessively for. He always came across as unhinged.  
Perhaps the Labour Thought Police will learn from this?

1 December 2009, 23:42:06 GMT
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Colin Finlay
Well let's see. The Scotsman is still run from Scotland, though its parent company's largest shareholder is the Malaysian tycoon, Ananda Krishnan. Both The Herald and the News of the World are owned by American corporations (Gannett and News Corp) and the Labour Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of European Union (International Socialist Holdings)Plc 
The last breakaway movement with which Ananda Krishnan sympathised was probably that which supported (peacefully, of course)a Tamil free state in Northern Sri Lanka.

26 November 2009, 04:14:51 GMT
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David Farrer
It's probably more to do with his (tax-funded) employer.

22 November 2009, 22:28:00 GMT
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Guido Fawkes
He quit because hacks called him up? 
If you can't take the heat...

22 November 2009, 22:11:43 GMT
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David Farrer
Peace Dog (Good name!) 
I agree that we bloggers must realise that we are "publishing". And I'm not one to foam at the mouth myself though I've no objection to those who do so long as they realise the implications. 
I don't know all of the details of this case but I've got no doubt that Labour's friends in the media use methods that I'd consider to be ungentlemanly. 
Borders Dog.

22 November 2009, 21:27:51 GMT
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Peace Dog
I don't know quite what trouble old Wardog has got himself into, I am not acquainted with him and never read his site. 
I did however read his comments on other peoples sites, he could always be relied upon to post some foaming-at-the-mouth invective nonsense, he was for me the archetypal 'cybernat'. 
I wonder, however, if the Wardog actually understood that blogging was publishing? That what he was writing was not a dinner table rant, or student union hectoring, but that he was actually in the same position as a journalist, and that he might actually have to justify what he wrote?

22 November 2009, 21:00:59 GMT
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james higham
I like your and Bill's blogs to keep up to speed on Scottish affairs.

22 November 2009, 09:54:28 GMT
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I love how that clown on the Scotsman site can freely post under literally dozens of different aliases and as soon as articles are online.

21 November 2009, 14:59:32 GMT
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Rab C. Nesbitt
Maybe it's time for us to roll up our sleeves and play them at their own game. I'm itching to get stuck in, but circumstances prevent me from blogging for the time being.

21 November 2009, 13:37:54 GMT
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Glad you've highlighted this. I've also highlighted Bill's post on my Super Seven list today. 
It's a disgrace.

21 November 2009, 13:15:05 GMT