Monday, 8 March 2010

Now why could this be?

Here's some interesting news about camera sales:
The UK has embraced the Micro Four Thirds camera format, making up over 10% of interchangeable lens camera sales (by volume) in December 2009. According to figures from market research company GfK Retail and Technology, around 6,600 Micro Four Thirds cameras were sold in the UK, accounting for more than half of the system's sales volumes in 11 major Western European countries.
The Micro Four Thirds system allows serious cameras with interchangeable lenses to be much smaller than the more conventional SLRs. Also, by not having the bulky pentaprism on top, these cameras look very similar to compacts.

Now why would the Micro Four Thirds system be doing especially well in the UK?

It's not the price: these cameras are pretty expensive. I reckon that the reason may well the one that's making me think of getting one of these pricey little devices. Having a small and unobtrusive camera could well mean that the user is less likely to come to the attention of Britain's police forces who are waging a relentless war on photography. Unusually in European history this is a war that seems to have left the mainland unscathed.

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