Sunday 6 June 2010

Why do they always talk about cuts?

For example, here:
Scotland’s unemployment count will increase to 225,000 and more than 30,000 public sector jobs will go in the next parliament, according to a respected economic forecast.

The Ernst & Young Item Club predicts a double-whammy for the economy will flow from the banking crisis and the deep Government spending cuts needed to cure the hangover

And we Scots are supposedly most at risk:
As the Conservative-Liberal Democrats coalition reins in spending to tackle the UK’s £166bn deficit, cuts mean public sector job losses are inevitable, and Scotland’s large public sector makes it particularly vulnerable.
The real problem with the Scottish economy is the vast size of our public (sic) sector. High public sector wages and pensions make life very difficult for our wealth-creators. Why would any young person entering the job market join a private company with all the risks involved when big brother offers much better terms? And why even think of starting one's own business in these circumstances?

We need to decimate Scotland's public sector. And next week deal with the other 90% ...

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But at least you had a rugby victory.

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