Tuesday 26 October 2010

Is America going kaput?

First, there's the extraordinary kerfuffle over mortgages. The short version is that the repackaging of mortgages - slicing and dicing - has been somewhat lacking in sound paperwork. That's putting it mildly. Some fear that this is going to collapse the whole American banking system.

People are angry:

This nation is a powderkeg. These banks break into the wrong house down here and come up against an owner with a shotgun, the "securing company"'s goon gets a load of 00 buckshot to the chest, and this ENTIRE ISSUE will come down to whether the local Sheriff shakes the homeowner's hand and pats him on the back or calls SWAT.

And another one:

People like us won't take matters into our own hands until we are sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the last vestiges of the system we depend on for our social well being have been completely overtaken.That moment is approaching, and the powder keg is full. The rule of law better get into gear, and it better get there quickly, because our patience wears thin.

Here is Mark Stein:

In a two-party system, you have to work with what’s available. In America, one party is openly committed to driving the nation off the cliff, and the other party is full of guys content to go along for the ride as long as we shift down to third gear. That’s no longer enough of a choice. If your candidate isn’t committed to fewer government agencies with fewer employees on lower rates of pay, he’s part of the problem. This is the last chance for the GOP to restore its credentials. If it blows it, all bets are off for 2012.

Then there is leftist voter fraud:

It is positively outrageous that in Clark County, Nevada, the SEIU Local 1107, which supports Harry Reid, controls the ballot boxes by contract through their representation of the voting machine technicians. It is not surprising that Senator Harry Reid’s name was automatically checked off on the ballot when individuals went to vote.
And this is happening well beyond Nevada.

The elections finish next week. I'm not too optimistic that the US will change in time. Change that is to a system of strictly limited constitutional government. Of course, there's no sign of that here either.

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David Farrer said...

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Andy Duncan
> Is America going kaput?  
Of course it is.  Let's just hope they don't take the rest of us down in a nuclear winter when they go the same way the western roman empire went when the inflation, the military, the bureaucracy, the taxation, and the serfdom got too much for its citizens.

2 November 2010, 15:37:42 GMT
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Neil Craig
The great advantage of America's 2 party system is that they also have primaries so it is possible for a rational caqndidate to get a party's nomination which is what the TEA (Taxed Enough ASlready) people have done. This is not, in my view, as good as straight PR which allows parties like Geert Wilders Freedom party to gain ground  
However it is infinitely better than our 2.5 party duopoly where the leaders can simply refuse to allow anybody to stand who does not support big government, catastrophic warming, low growth, the EU, subsidising eco-fascism, war crimes & around 50& of GNP being spent by parasitic politicians. Also having broadcasting overwhelmingly under the control of the state broadcasting corporation, whose censorship of any actual discussion of TEA party principles shows how corrupt they are, is also inimical to freedom.  
On the other hand if the TEA candidates win big it will be much more difficult to censor discussion here & such polls as have been done suggest Brits would overwhelmingly like the state to be under 20% of GNP so the dam may yet break.

2 November 2010, 12:38:22 GMT
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America seems far more capable of reversing course than Europe--if temporarily--but given Europe's great number of laboratories she may be the one who gives lessons in what people can accompish in desperate times.

1 November 2010, 22:46:32 GMT
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Captain Ranty
I think we will also see some states secede. They seem to be slowly deciding that they can no longer sustain the federal governments addiction to their money.  

1 November 2010, 09:18:47 GMT
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Colin Finlay
The US will become, over the next 50 years or so, a developing country in the euphemistic Third World sense. This is because its "melting pot" success story can only be viable if the immigrant ingredients are White. As America's traditional European source of immigration is shunned in favour of unassimilable Somalis, Pakistanis, Sudanese, Mexicans and other denizens of failed and failing states, so the US decline is assured.

1 November 2010, 09:09:55 GMT
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Since the organs of the state in the UK no longer pay any mind to our Consititution and by and large the guys in the US no longer seem to bother too much with theirs, perhaps we could adopt the US constitution without the ammendments and see what we could do with it in the next three hundred or so years?

31 October 2010, 20:37:42 GMT