Sunday, 13 February 2011

You wait for one donation and then a whole lot of them come along together...

I see that Brian Souter will give money to the SNP's election campaign.

Assuming that others do so first, that is!

See here:

Brian Souter said he will match each pound from small donations up to that figure by the end of March as part of an attempt to secure £1 million for the Holyrood election on May 5.
I think this is probably a good thing. As readers will know, the financial crisis will not be resolved until the malinvestments caused by all that money printing are allowed to be liquidated. Whoever wins the next Holyrood election will come to wish that they hadn't. I'd prefer that to be the Labour party, and they seem to be the most likely winners at the moment. But it would be too awful for Labour to be elected with a huge majority. If they are to win, let it be by one vote in one constituency. Souter's money may help stop a landslide.

As I wrote here, I reluctantly voted for the Conservatives last May. I now regret that vote. The Tories haven't faced up to the seriousness of the financial crisis, nor have they made any real attempt to restore the civil liberties that were lost under the Labour regime. The nanny state lives.

Needless-to-say, no other party has a clue either, but disappointment is greatest when it's tinged with a sense of betrayal.

The UK's political class will probably bring about total national bankruptcy and sadly the SNP are as ignorant of economics as the rest of them. In such a crisis I expect that independence will be thrust upon us whether we like it or not. With the right policies an independent Scotland will do just fine. Which politicians will provide them remains to be seen.

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Neil Craig
The upcoming election will not be about anything real since there are little real differences between them. I expect to vote UKIP. A sweeping triumph for them would be to get 1 seat but better than nothing.

18 February 2011, 15:27:24 GMT