Thursday 29 December 2011

Am I the only one not calling for a subsidy?

Here we go again:

PUBLIC money should be used to subsidise more direct flights from Scotland to China, Russia, India and Brazil
Now I'm a fan of aviation having been brought up at Prestwick, but this is ridiculous. Just the sort of nonsense one would expect from the Labour party.

But read on:

Both Labour and the Conservatives yesterday urged SNP ministers to set up a dedicated pot of cash to tempt airlines to fly routes direct to the new global economic powerhouses.
So the Tories are at it just like Labour. No wonder lots of us have given up voting for them.

The best way to attract air services to Scotland is to have a low tax, low regulation economy. It would also help to re-establish our once world beating education system. Subsidising airlines is not the answer. Eliminating the Air Passenger Duty on the other hand is exactly what's needed.

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