Monday 20 February 2012

The continuing saga on Political Betting

I've just posted this over on Political Betting:
I have to agree that James Kelly is a bit misguided. Because he is a socialist, that is.

But on the question at hand he has my full support. Mike has built up the best political site in the UK. And as a hard-core libertarian I fully support Mike’s right to make any rules whatsoever. However, the best sites do tend to run off thread very quickly simply because of the volume of traffic. Look at the excellent Belmont Club blog for example. The solution for the Brit Nats (or English Nats – it’s sometimes difficult to tell) is simply to out post the Scot Nats.

My own background is both English and Scottish. Generally speaking I believe that the Union has been a good thing and the UK a force for good in the world. But I must say that I am increasingly likely to vote for independence, as are many others in the Scottish business community. I am however open to persuasion, not that there’s any sign of intelligent campaigning from the Unionists.

Whether the UK continues to exist for more than another thirty months is clearly the most important issue facing the country. Restricting comments about Scotland is just the sort of thing that contributes to nationalist feelings. I urge a change of policy.

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