Sunday 1 July 2012

Not quite "Up North"

Alex Singleton has a post up on his Daily Mail blog. Alex calls for a new elected UK Senate to be situated "up North". Alex suggests Manchester.

Naturally I had to respond:

Good idea Alex.

But in UK terms Manchester isn't in the North. It's only just beyond the end of the Metropolitan Line. The mid-point of the UK mainland is Kendal. If we count the offshore islands the centre of the country is Lockerbie...

So let's really put the new Senate in the north. I suggest Glasgow as a suitable location.

We need an appropriate building; one close to the city centre but not too far from the airport. A listed building that's close to the motorway system. A building that may shortly become available. A building that would come complete with the world's largest supply of union jacks.

Put the Senate in Ibrox Stadium!

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