Friday, 16 August 2013

Time to return

First I'd like to mention ScotFree2014

Welcome to the ScotFree2014 blog. It represents libertarians who are going to vote for Scottish independence in the referendum on September 18, 2014. Here we want to discuss all the issues that will arise in winning freedom for Scotland, economic, social and political. But above all we want to explore how this new freedom will enrich the personal lives of the individual men and women who live here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Colin Finlay said...

Like many Scottish conservatives (small c used advisedly)I fear the Marxmanship of the SNP.

This is what we will, Welfare - wise, be facing ad nauseum :

"The people who receive Free Stuff are angry at the providers and dispensers of FS because there isn't enough FS."

In addition, the SNP officials have doubtless never read "Nationality and Race" by Sir Arthur Keith, a Scottish intellectual whose Introduction to Darwin's 'Origin of the Species' remains a masterpiece of scientific writing.