Saturday 1 February 2014


I've managed to copy the two comments from e-mail notifications.

The first:

I doubt the Daily Mail thinks voting for twenty years of socialism is inline with their target readership. Wealthier Nation needs to outline a clear path to a parliament that reflects actual Scottish values which consistently show that on most issues people are not as left wing as our representation suggests.

The second:

Do you think you would join with the Scottish conservatives and right leaning people from the SNP after a yes vote? If a large enough popular party cannot be built then there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that reducing poverty and equality will be done through higher taxation and access to the huge oil revenue stream.
Wealthy Nation certainly plans to demonstrate the compatibility of liberal (in the original sense of the word) ideas with Scottish values.

WN takes no view in favour or against any political parties. Our argument is that Scotland is inherently a wealthy nation that would benefit from independence.


Anonymous said...

Clearly Scotland is weathly and a viable country. My concern would be that if a pragmatic response to the likely desire to spend money hand over fist to deliver Norwegian levels of public service is not organised we could be off to the worst possible start that would be felt for generations. People need to consider how to build a new party that is not tarnished by the Tory label.

uncensored said...

We here in the US of A have many states that have tried to 'leave the union'. Big Government will not let it happen.
good luck to Scotland. here's a
street level view of how wonderful it is here: