Friday 27 December 2002

Property rights under attack

Stirling Council is planning to compulsorily purchase property in the city and local businesses are up in arms:
Local business owners are fuming after the council issued compulsory purchase and demolition orders on their premises. They say the plans are the latest in a string of such schemes which are harmful to private enterprise, threatening serious damage to, and even the destruction of, local business.
What is encouraging is that the objectors are using correct arguments:
According to documents seen by The Scotsman, the objections cite grounds including "the restriction of market forces, detrimental to indigenous and incoming businesses". They also claim the council has made "little or no effort" to consult local landowners.
It is important to attack Labour on the basis of "restriction of market forces" as this undercuts their ludicrous attempts to appear to be "pro-business".

The state is not your friend.