Wednesday 5 November 2003

Who am I?

Some readers have been asking this rather strange question.

I was born in Annan and the family then moved to Stewarton where I started primary school. Next we spent a few years in Leeds after which came a move back to Ayrshire. I attended Prestwick High School and then Ayr Academy. My spare time was spent watching planes at Prestwick Airport. A few weeks after leaving school we moved to London where I lived until my wife and I moved to Edinburgh early last year. In London I qualified as a company secretary and eventually became finance director of an advertising agency. Later, I did a degree through the Open University. A more formal CV is on the website of the Libertarian Alliance:

David Farrer is Finance Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He has a BA (First Class Honours) in Modern History and Economics, is a qualified Chartered Secretary and a member of both the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Management. David provides business services through his company, Midlothian Management Ltd. As well as subscribing to the Institute of Economic Affairs and the David Hume Society, he is a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty through which he met his wife Pam who runs the California Hypnotherapy Center in Edinburgh. David is a Rothbardian natural-rights Libertarian with a particular interest in the politics of his native Scotland in which he lives. In the nineteen-eighties, he was candidate for the Hampstead constituency for the Campaign to Abolish the Greater London Council.
Sadly the Libertarian Alliance "job" is unpaid but you could help the cause by signing up for the LA Conference to be held in London later in the month.