Thursday 2 June 2005

97% say no

Unlike the firefighters (for the time being), dentists do have an alternative to state enslavement, and:
97 per cent of aspiring dentists do not want to work solely in the public sector.
Nevertheless, there's still too much woolly thinking around:
Shona Robison, the SNP’s health spokeswoman, also called for more funding: "We must work harder to make the NHS more attractive to prospective dentists before the NHS dental services plunge deeper into crisis."

Ian Swan, a fourth-year dental student at Glasgow University, said few students planned to work exclusively for the NHS under current conditions.

He said: "I feel I should do some work on the NHS to give back from what I have learned because the government paid for me to go to university.

Ms Robison is from the "magic wand" wing of the SNP - why doesn't she ask for more taxation instead of more "funding"? Perhaps that might frighten the sheeple.

At least Mr Swan is decent enough to observe that someone else has paid for his training although when he qualifies he'll probably notice rather quickly that taxpayers funded his education and not the "government".

Like firefighting, the sooner dentistry is privatised the better.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Duffin
I don't think we need to frighten the horses - or the sheeple - by explicitly and overtly privatising the dental service.

The current processes of benign neglect (ie let the dentists do what they want) and "withering on the vine" seem to be working pretty well.
6 June 2005, 12:38:22 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

David Farrer
Sadly not one of mine. It's quite a common usage among libertarians.
4 June 2005, 06:25:43 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

Stuart Dickson
- "... sheeple."

Nice one! Did you just make that up?

I wasn't aware of the "magic wand" wing previously, but I'll keep an eye out for it now. They might turn me into a frog!
3 June 2005, 22:12:16 GMT+01:00