Friday 17 June 2005

Exciting times

Oil's up.

Gold's up:

California's a shakin':

All the more reason to read this addictive site. I've updated the link since the first version caused Blogger to have a seizure; such was the volume of activity. What's interesting is not just the postings themselves but also the vast number of comments by folk who seem to understand the very great danger we face from the world's fiat monetary systems.

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David Farrer said...

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Title: We're all doomed ... at least potentially ... no, 
Excerpt: The Economist has a very timely article (subscription required) in the latest issue about the risks associated with a collapse in house-prices in major economies around the world, where price inflation in recent years appears to have spiralled almost... 
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18 June 2005, 07:12:23 GMT+01:00
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Yes, but what to do? If you buy gold, the buggers will steal it from you. (FDR did in the USA. No doubt there are lots of other examples.)

17 June 2005, 14:28:33 GMT+01:00