Monday 8 October 2007

Scotland out of the Commonwealth?

First it was the EU.

Now it's the Commonwealth:

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland might have to apply to join the Commonwealth rather than enjoy automatic entry.

I don't think so somehow.

The scene: sometime in the future...

Scotland has voted for independence. The Queen has just opened the first session of the new parliament. Afterwards, she invites Prime Minister Goldie and opposition leader Sturgeon over to Holyrood House for a "girls' night in". Bevvies will be provided. Meanwhile, the Duke of Embra, accompanied by Alex Salmond and other members of the House of Lairds, heads off towards the Grassmarket.

After a few G&Ts Ms Goldie expresses her disappointment that Scotland is no longer in the Commonwealth. But what's this? No one has told Her Majesty. The Queen of Scots whips out her iPhone and speed dials the Commonwealth secretary-general.

The next morning the world's media gathers at the Tolbooth for the first public execution for treason in these islands for many a year. Naturally, the Queen of Scots has cunningly secured worldwide rights for the live coverage on the Internet. Scotland remains in the Commonwealth.

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Martin Kelly
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