Saturday 10 November 2007

BBC screws up

I don't approve of taxpayers having to fund big sporting events but I am glad that Glasgow has won the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Better that our money be spent on infrastructure than most other state boondoggles.

And one of those beneficiaries of the state is the BBC.

Isn't it astounding that the Beeb managed to screw up Glasgow's big moment?

BBC Scotland last night apologised after missing the moment of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games victory
Come on now - it's not like it's every day that the Queen gets invited to Celtic Park.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
I think such funding is a case where it is proper for society to pay. If we accept that society is more than just economics then such events do, to a greater or lesser extent, bring us together as a society & reflect well on us to the rest of the world.

This does not mean that cost is immaterial. I hope we stick to the £300 million promised. The Olympics look likely to cost what X-Prizes to build a fleet of spaceships, major space station & permanent Moon base would cost which I suggest, as well as being an ultimately enormously profitable enterprise, would gain us infinitely more respect.
15 November 2007, 12:17:01 GMT – Like – Reply

The Queen at Celtic Park. Tomorrow Murrayfield.
11 November 2007, 15:23:59 GMT