Monday 28 January 2008

There hasn'ae been a murrdurr...

Earlier today I paid a visit to Calumet, a very good photographic outlet.

The Glasgow branch is located in Maryhill, home of Glasgow's best-known cop.

As I was getting my purchase wrapped I noticed the shop assistant's nametag.

Yes, it was Taggart!

And, yes, he's heard all the obvious comments many, many times before. When his best friend phones him up, the friend always starts - of course- by saying: "There's been a murder."

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David Farrer said...

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Deed poll is popular, I believe.
31 January 2008, 06:03:04 GMT – Like – Reply

We like TV shows with exotic settings, so we watch Taggart enthusiastically.
30 January 2008, 20:10:42 GMT – Like – Reply

Sam Duncan
Of course, all the exterior shots of Taggart's cop shop were taken in Partick, for some reason. Perhaps they thought Maryhill's 1970s-vintage polis office didn't fit the image.
29 January 2008, 16:10:05 GMT