Tuesday 13 May 2008

Gies us a return tae Milngavie, big man

Here's a funny story:
STENOGRAPHERS employed by an English company are littering court transcripts with mistakes because they are bamboozled by Scots accents, senior lawyers have claimed.

Leading advocates have complained that Scottish names such as Barlinnie have been wrongly transcribed as “Barrel Annie” and that words such as “libelled” and “fanciful” have been replaced with “liable” and “fanciable”.

I'm not one of those who oppose the outsourcing of Scottish jobs to England or anywhere else for that matter. We could hardly do so while being quietly proud that the RBS is now one of the world's largest banks. Surely though you need to make sure that the firm can do the job. Clearly, this one can't.

But what's this?

“The transcriptions are bloody awful,” said Donald Findlay QC, one of Scotland's leading defence barristers
Donald Findlay a barrister! Surely he's an advocate.

(My spellchecker is ever so slightly superior - in a Glasgow way. Milngavie is OK, but not Barlinnie...)

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