Sunday 14 September 2008

First they came for the smokers...

And then for the horizontally challenged:
A TEAM of NHS nurses is patrolling Scotland's streets to target pot-bellied members of the public and tell them how to lose weight.

Armed with measuring tapes to check waists and equipment to test blood pressure, the "Street Nurses" are policing busy shopping centres, supermarkets and community centres.

Any man with a paunch, or woman with an "apple-shaped" body whose waist measurement is higher than recommended limits is given diet and lifestyle advice or referred to local slimming classes.

What can one say? Why did my father fight against the Nazis?

But some useful idiots are quite relaxed it seems:

People are generally OK about us talking about their weight
But some of us aren't. Not because we've had a few too many pints but because our size is none of the government's business. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we are approaching a total breakdown of civilised life in the not too distant future. Whether a Hayekian spontaneous order will be allowed to evolve I don't know. But it's certainly exciting to sit back and watch the endgame.

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Mr Eugenides
That's absolutely extraordinary.

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