Tuesday 26 May 2009

The new iMac

OK, the new computer is up and running. What took a lot of time was transferring and filing over 5,000 photos from the old system into Aperture.

Here's one I prepared earlier:

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David Farrer said...

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Yes, the big screen is superb. I don't know anything about graphics as such - only photography. I've now got Aperture. 
The photo itself hasn't been doctored in any way. It's just as I saw it. I do confess though that I fed the Blair to the bear, much to the amusement of the locals. If anyone can get hold of Mr Brown, the bear lives in an excellent pub in Tromso, northern Norway. It's so cold up there - even in summer - that you have to spend lots of time in the bar...

26 May 2009, 20:46:35 GMT+01:00
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james higham
You don't love him?

26 May 2009, 14:34:49 GMT+01:00
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Happy new iMac. I've had mine for 18 months now and it's just wonderful. How I managed without a 20" screen I'll never know. 
The only thing is that they don't supply an easy to use graphics programme, so if you do happen to come across one could you please let me know? 
I've downloaded gimp but that's way over my head. Perhaps I shouldn't have such a powerful machine after all, but it was a gift.

26 May 2009, 09:29:04 GMT+01:00