Tuesday 26 May 2009

Send Flipper to Edinburgh Zoo

I'll have the opportunity to help remove Alistair Darling from Parliament whenever the election comes along. Yes, he's my MP and,unlike him I don't get taxpayer-funded tax advice. In fact I was up late last night doing my own return.

It looks like my fellow constituents will deal with the Chancellor when the time comes:

ALISTAIR Darling will be voted out by his constituents at the next general election over the expenses scandal if he is not deselected first, a senior Labour source has claimed.

The warning came as the Chancellor's expenses claims came under scrutiny for a second time yesterday with the revelation he claimed back £1,400 of public money for an accountant to complete his tax returns.

Mr Darling has previously been revealed to have "flipped" his second home four times in four years.

In these enlightened times shouldn't we have a few examples of humankind in our zoos? I can think of quite a few candidates.

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