Monday 29 June 2009

Where's this?

We've been away for the weekend. Where were we?

No Googling!

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David Farrer said...

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3 July 2009, 22:50:05 GMT+01:00
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james higham

3 July 2009, 16:01:29 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
I think you are correct. The photo was taken in Mallaig. We asked the waiter in the local Italian restaurant about the street and he didn't even know it was there. The waiter (a recent immigrant from Glasgow) asked the chef who said that it was named after another Gordon Brown. The houses looked older than his time as PM and surely they wouldn't have named them after a Chancellor unless he had a local connection. The waiter did suggest that GB might have bought the street on expenses...

2 July 2009, 22:11:15 GMT+01:00
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Surely it's a different Gordon Brown? I mean, there's a Craig Brown Place in Selkirk but it's not named after the former Scotland football manager...

2 July 2009, 21:02:37 GMT+01:00
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Bill (Scotland)
I'm afraid I did 'Google' to find out which community had been idiotic enough to rename a street after him. It wasn't where I thought it might be, but I suppose the Gaelic version underneath should have been some kind of general geographic clue. 
Obviously I'm not naming it here so as not to spoil your fun ...

30 June 2009, 08:26:36 GMT+01:00