Monday 17 August 2009

Food break

This morning we went along to listen to the stepson of the Duke of Rothesay.

Tom Parker Bowles gave us an excellent talk, which was chaired by Al Senter, a book festival regular who was clearly in his element hearing about food. As indeed were we all.

TPB came up to the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar (yes, Senter mentioned it) to tell us about his new book Full English:

I decided to find out the truth about English food, how it evolved and what went wrong. Girding my belly and sharpening my knife, I would eat my way round the country to find out whether we are at the dawn of a renaissance in English food. Or whether we, a nation eternally uninterested in what we eat, have left it too late.
And that's just what we were served. A pleasant change from the dismal science.

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
I would imagine that indifferent Scottish food tastes much the same as its English equivalent. The important aspect for tourists and Celticists is that the menu be written in Gaelic or perhaps (as Compton Mackenzie's 'Whisky Galore' Englishman, Capt. Waggett orotundly pronounces it) Garlic!

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