Thursday 20 August 2009


I posted this brief message on an American site earlier:
I was born a few miles from Lockerbie and know people who were there on the night of the downing of the 747. God damn whoever did it.

I also vote for the Scottish National Party, the folk who want independence for Scotland. That's mainly because voting SNP is the best way up here to defeat Labour, but also because I expect that Scotland will become independent eventually and I'd quite like to be around long enough to see how it all works out.

The SNP currently runs the Scottish Government within the wider UK. Legal matters are under the control of the Scottish administration.

But something fishy is going on here, I suspect. The SNP leader, First Minister Alex Salmond, never misses the slightest opportunity to create division between Scotland and the wider UK in his quest for independence. But not in this instance. As mentioned above, Peter Mandelson (probably the most powerful UK Minister other than the PM - or even more so according to some) has been liaising with the Libyans, as have others. Tony Blair (whose government destroyed Britain's liberties) had meetings with Gaddafi and Blair always has an agenda. Why hasn't Alex Salmond defied the UK government's wish to keep in with the Libyans? I don't know, but I feel sure that there's a lot more going on than simply a stupid decision by the Scottish Justice Minister (who regularly demonstrates stupidity, by the way).

(Conspiracy note: the spell checker can cope with Gaddafi, but not Mandelson or Salmond...)

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Colin Finlay
Philological concerns are interesting, of course, but in matters of an Arab nature, not as absorbing as the unofficial Iraqi rounding up of suspected homosexuals who , according to the BBC are often subjected to an application of superglue to the anal cavity and a forcefeeding of laxatives. 
It may be some time then before the citizens of Baghdad have to suffer the cultural humiliation of a Gay Pride parade.

22 August 2009, 02:05:10 GMT+01:00
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Bill (Scotland)
A better phonetic rendering of the Libyan leader's name into English would be Qaddaffi, the usual mangling of the name of terrorist organisation Alqaeda (and its many variants when written) is another case in point. There is of course no 'correct' rendering of any word not originating in a language not written in Latin script into English or any other Latinised language.

21 August 2009, 09:25:07 GMT+01:00