Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The new Los Angeles Tram System

A new (government) school in LA is going to cost a modest $578,000,000.

For that kind of money they could get a new tram system, although it probably wouldn't get as far as the port...

According to this report:

The Los Angeles Unified School District spent $29,780 per student in fiscal year 2007-08. That’s way above the $10,000 as advertised by the school district, and as used in most studies.
For that kind of money they could all be sent to Fettes!

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
For that money they could get a very good tram system. Melbourne built the Box Hill extension, 2.2km, opened in 2003, for £12.5 million; and the Vermont South Extension of 3km in 2005 for £13.5m. On that basis the Edinburgh tramway, at 18.5km, should be costing about £105m pounds or indeed quite a lot less because of economies of scale. British public works have a long record of being grossly overpriced  
On that basis Californaia should be getting about 60km of tramway & Scotland twice that.  
Tammany Hall were pikers.

4 October 2010, 15:03:31 GMT+01:00