Sunday, 30 January 2011

Supping with the devil

I don't usually think that private organisations should be made to reveal their inner workings to the general public. But surely things are different when providing services to the government. Or rather, to the taxpayer.

So this is bad news:

The Scottish Government has been slapped down by the Information Commissioner for bowing to pressure from big business and abandoning plans to end the secrecy enjoyed by private contractors working for the state.

Ministers have shelved proposals to extend freedom of information legislation to cover the companies that build and run schools, hospitals, prisons and roads. The move was fiercely opposed by the firms.

If companies don't wish to face demands that are "unnecessary, costly, and at odds with promises to simplify regulation and public procurement" they have a simple solution: Don't do business with the state.

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
Everytime a brainwashed Leftist mouthpiece starts to sound off at a public meeting about whichever Marxist commandment is being ignored there should be an immediate enquiry thus : "Before you begin speaking may the audience please be informed as to whether you represent a tax-paying body or a tax-consuming body?"

17 March 2011, 08:57:40 GMT