Wednesday 22 February 2012

Is this e-mail a con?


Your name top the list of Americans who have been struggling for many years now to get back their unclaimed- Lotto winnings, Contract payments and Inheritance fund from oversea banks/countries without success.

As part of President Barack Obama's Economic Blueprint, aimed at empowering Americans financially, as outlined in his last State of the Union Address, the President had ordered that we HELP in getting your full entitlements transferred to you immediately from any oversea Bank(s)/Countries where your fund is located. To enable us conclude this ASAP, you would have to provide me with the following information for confirmation purposes;

1: Your full names

2: Your contact address

3: Your telephone/fax #s

4: What Banks/Countries is your fund located & Amount


Tim Geithner, Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury,

Probably a con. You see, I'm not American...

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Bill said...

... quite apart from the execrable English, you mean?

Originally posted 22nd February 2012