Sunday 7 July 2002

More on the ID cards row

As I suggested on Thursday, this has great potential for creating division in Scottish politics. It is already causing trouble for the Labour/Illiberal Democrat alliance.

Labour MSPs refused to comment on Blunkett's statement, saying the issue of ID cards was a reserved (to Westminster) matter.

But Mike Rumbles, the Illiberal Democrat MSP for West Aberdeenshire is actually showing signs of liberalism:

This is not about Scotland not wanting to combat fraud, this is about Scots knowing that ID cards will not work. I think that David Blunkett has forgotten all about devolution.

If they are supposed to be voluntary, then why is it an issue that Scots might not have them? One minute we are told it is an inoffensive and voluntary scheme, then we are told we must all have them so as to fight terror.

With the SNP and Tories also making anti-ID card noises, there could be a majority in the Scottish parliament against their introduction.