Friday 5 July 2002

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

According to the business section of today's Herald, Ryanair is:
growing its market share on the key Prestwick to London route

Well, no it isn't. Ryanair's market share of the Prestwick to London route is 100% for the simple reason that it's the only operator. No doubt it is growing market share on the overall Glasgow (both airports) to London routes but that's not the same thing. I always have a little laugh when I read in the press about plans for possible "third" runway at Heathrow - yes, there are three there already. And what about a possible "second" runway at Edinburgh which is regularly discussed by the media? I landed on Edinburgh's existing second runway quite recently.

I happen to notice these stories because I have an interest in aviation, but how much else is wrong in newspapers?