Monday 29 July 2002

Who is right and who is left?

Jimmy Reid is the court intellectual of the Scottish left.

In his column in today's Scotsman, he writes:

What about the broad swathe of social democratic opinion infuriated by the Thatcherite policies of New Labour? Here, the SNP should be the beneficiary; it isn’t. It should be seen as a left of centre alternative to New Labour. It isn’t. SNP leaders should have identified with local government workers protesting at scandalously low wages. They didn’t. They were arguing about whether to bring out a weekly newspaper during the next election campaign. Why?
This is vintage Jimmy. But over on The Herald, John MacLeod takes a different view:
Meanwhile, we might seize the Scottish imagination with a credible opposition: an alternative to the careerist, self-serving love-in of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, whose soft-left privileges the system might be built to perpetuate.

Change will come, at length, when the Nationalists grow up, stop posturing, get over the eighties, dethrone the idol of a meddlesome, state-fashioned, oil-funded Utopia, and start building serious politics with the Conservative party.

That's more like it. The Tories and the SNP traditionally don't see eye to eye but together they could blast the Labour/Illiberal Democrat junta out of the water.