Thursday 24 July 2003

His and Hers

According to this, the First Couple are wearing colour co-ordinated outfits:
Add it altogether and you have clear evidence that the Blairs are Britain's colour co-ordinated couple. However, if, as Shakespeare was apt to remark, apparel oft proclaims the man (or, as in this case, the couple) then there is method behind their madness.

Anne Macfarlane, Glasgow-based image consultant for Colour Me Beautiful, said yesterday: "I am absolutely certain that this is not a coincidence. They will receive a great deal of advice on what colours they should wear. I would think that they want to photograph well at the moment.

I can see that image awareness can be important for politicians as Brian Micklethwait explains here. In the case of George Bush I think that most of us would accept that "what you see is what you get", whether or not you agree with his politics. That is not the case with Tony Blair. Who on earth trusts this prancing popinjay? It does Bush no harm for it to be known that photographs of him are carefully planned, but news of a colour co-ordinated Blair family will bring nothing but derision.