Monday 22 March 2004

In praise of a capitalist

I wrote about Mr Vettriano's problems with the arts establishment some time ago. Nothing has changed:
The national galleries in Scotland and England refuse to display his work, and declined to comment on their reasons when asked by the South Bank Show for a programme on Vettriano broadcast last night.
There's no reason for Mr Vettriano to be surprised about his rejection, which is not despite his being Britain's most popular painter but precisely because of that. The people who run the arts establishment are tax-consuming welfare recipients. Vettriano is a successful capitalist. Perhaps, deep down, Vettriano knows that his taxes are financing those who think that his work isn't good enough to be displayed in the "national" galleries. Well, that's the sort of world we live in. Mr Vettriano should be proud of his success and pay no more attention to the arts parasites.