Monday 15 March 2004

Mob rule?

The Scottish education system has triumphed.

A survey asked people throughout the UK a rather challenging question: Who is the Chancellor of the Exchequer? And the response shocked even this cynical blogger:

The study found 43% of the Welsh could not name Mr Brown, nor could 47% of people in the north of England.
But here in Scotland we know better, don't we?

Well, sort of:

Up to 33% of Scots did not realise that Gordon Brown heads the Treasury, even though he is a fellow countryman.

Of that third, 18% thought Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was chancellor, 4% named Tory leader Michael Howard and some named ex-BBC boss Greg Dyke.

To think that the votes of these people determine who rules the country.

After Wednesday's budget we may wish that Greg Dyke were the Chancellor.