Saturday 20 March 2004

The modern world: All Greek to us?

Wer nicht von dreitausend Jahren sich weiss Rechenschaft zu geben bleibt im Dunklen unerfahren mag von Tag zu Tag er leben.


(He who cannot give account of the last three thousand years rests in darkness unexperienced though he lives from day to day.)

It looks as though future generations of Scots will indeed rest in darkness:
LATIN and ancient Greek are on course to die out as academic subjects in Scotland according to leading education figures.

The prediction comes in the wake of Strathclyde University’s decision to scrap the last available course for students to qualify as classics teachers.

On second thoughts, do we want future generations to learn about thirty centuries that were dominated by dead white imperialistic males? Instead of teaching classics Strathclyde is offering something far more "relevant" and "appropriate": a BA in Community Arts,
with the opportunity to specialise in music, art, dance or drama in work with young people and adults, with a bias towards those discriminated against by society.
But isn't "society" now discriminating against would-be classicists?