Sunday, 1 August 2004

Even I couldn't have made this one up

Here comes the latest "Big Brother" database:
A DATABASE of every Scot who deliberately self-harms is being planned in a bid to dramatically reduce suicides. The list, which would be held centrally on computer, would be available to psychiatrists and other health specialists across the country as a means of assessing the risk that individuals pose to themselves.
Why don't we cut out the waiting and get ourselves barcoded and fitted with RFIDs right now?

If that's a bit much we could at least dig out the ballot papers from the last election. You know of course that their identification numbers enable the authorities to determine how we have voted. The psychiatrists could then make a list of those who have "self-harmed" themselves by voting for someone other than the Labour candidate. You know it makes sense.

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

While I can see that the natural instinct to help people involved I have to agree with you. 
I believe that the right to suicide is as basic a human right as you can get - without it ultimately what are all the others worth. 
Whether for good or bad it won't have much effect - "About 3% of those admitted to hospital after deliberately self-harming kill themselves within five to 10 years" leaves 97% for whom this is a waste of resources.

1 August 2004, 22:16:39 GMT+01:00